Engineering Mechanics

International Conference

26th International Conference
Engineering Mechanics 2020


Oral presentation

Each oral presentation is allocated 25 minutes and should be presented in English. We recommend that you will take about 19 minutes for your presentation and leave around 5 mins of Q&A and 1 min for change over. As a courtesy to the presenters scheduled before and after you, it is essential to adhere to your time allocation. All lecture rooms will be equipped with a computer, a video projector and a pointing device. Each computer will have Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. You may also use your own computer for your presentation, however, the changing time will be deduced from your time slot (both begin and end). Thus, it is very advisable not to use this option.
Our experience indicates that up to 20 slides is optimal, allowing 1 minute per slide. You may choose to use more than 20 slides, but please be sure to complete your presentation within the allocated 25 minutes.


Poster presentation

The area for the poster session is reserved in the hotel lobby starting Tuesday morning. For every paper announced for the poster session, a particular panel of 0.95x1.35m (width x height) is assigned.
The authors of the individual posters can register for the competition for the Prize of the Managing Director of the ŽĎAS Company. The authors willing to participate in the competition have to be personally present at the announcement ceremony on Wednesday evening at 19:00, just before the Conference Dinner.
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