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Proceedings Vol. 8 (2002)



May 13 – 16, 2002, Svratka, Czech Republic
Editors: Lubomír Houfek, Pavel Hlavoň, Petr Krejčí

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Početní a experimentální stanovení charakteristik podélné ovladatelnosti letadla
V. Daněk
pages 31 - +6p., full text

The results oj computational estimations oj deviation histories oj aircraft pitching control in dependence on jlight regime at steady horizontal jlight are presented here. These results are compared with those obtained Jrom jlight measurements. Mentioned characteristics belong to the important criteria monitored Jor the considering oj the longitudinal aircraft manoeuvrability. The aim was to verifý the accuracy oj computational estimations experimentally. For the purpose relatively simple and inexpensive jlight measurements, done with a motor glider used as jlying laboratory, were perJormed. The measurements, necessary to set the aerodynamic correction oj airspeed system and the pitching control system gearing oj a motor glider, were done beJore the proper measurements oj aircraft longitudinal manoeuvrability characteristics. The computational estimations oj monitored characteristic oj motor glider longitudinal manoeuvrability were carried out with the minimum oj simplified conditions. The computation oj necessary aerodynamic characteristics oj a motor glider was done according to the available methodology, modified Jor this aircraft type. Obtained results are the basis Jor the computational model specifications Jor solution oj the jlight mechanics inverse tasks applied Jor aircraft design. aeronautika, letadlo, aerodynamika, mechanika letu, řiditelnost letounu, podélná ovladatelnost.

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