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Proceedings Vol. 7 (2001)



May 14 – 17, 2001, Svratka, Czech Republic
Editors: Alena Poživilová and Jan Masák

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The influence of stress triaxiality in ductile ligaments of crack upon the fracture toughness
Urbiš R., Kotoul M.
pages 275 - +8p, full text

The model of reinforcing mechanism which improves the fracture toughness of brittle matrix composites reinforced by ductile particles is analyzed. The particles form a bridging zone and, thus, constrain the crack opening. The stress-crack opening displacement relationship relies upon the constant volume plastic flow of the particles according to the model suggested recently by Rubinstein and Wang [l}. This model incorporates in a certain way also the particle/matrix interface properties. The particles are allowed to deform using several different patterns which correspond to the particular strength of the particle/matrix interface. Contrary to Rubinstein and Wang's work the triaxiality of the stress state within particles is considered and its impact on the critical crack opening displacement is included. The fracture criteria are analyzed for several combinations of micromechanical parameters of composite system and the resistance curves are presented.

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