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May 14 – 17, 2001, Svratka, Czech Republic
Editors: Alena Poživilová and Jan Masák

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Synovial fluid thixotropy in squeeze-film lubrication of the human synovial joint
Hlaváček M.
pages 91 - +7p, full text

The thixotropic (shear-thinning) effect of the synovial fluid in squeeze-film lubrication of the human hip joint is evaluated in the paper. Filtration of the synovial film by articular cartilage is taken into account. Due to a high viscosity of the normal synovial fluid at low shear rates, the squeezed synovial film is found much thicker in a small central part of the lubricated contact at a fixed time after the application of a steady load. Its minimum thickness differs little from the case of the Newtonian fluid with the same high-shear-rate viscosity. The analysis shows that thixotropy of the normal synovial fluid (and the more so that of the inflammatory synovial fluid) is for squeeze-film lubrication of synovial joints irrelevant.

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