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Proceedings Vol. 8 (2002)



May 13 – 16, 2002, Svratka, Czech Republic
Editors: Lubomír Houfek, Pavel Hlavoň, Petr Krejčí

Copyright © 2002 Institute of Mechanics of Solids, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Bruno University of Technology, Brno

ISBN 80-214-2109-6 (printed)
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An adaptive dynamic cranktrain model
Václav Píštěk, Pavel Novotný, Jaroslav Rauscher, Pavel Ramík
pages 225 - +10p., full text

The internal combustion engine development process requires CAE models which deliver results for the concept phase at very early stage and which can be further detailed on the same program platform as the development process progresses. The vibratory and acoustic behaviour of the powertrain is a highly complex one, consisting of many components that are subject to loads that vary greatly in magnitude and which operate at a wide range of speeds. The interaction of the crankshaft and engine block is a major problem for the powertrain designer when optimising the vibration and noise characteristics of the powertrain. Finite Element Method (FEM) and Multi-Body Systems (MBS) are suitable for creation of 3-D calculation models. Non-contact measurements with laser vibration meters enable to verifY the calculation models.

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