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Proceedings Vol. 8 (2002)



May 13 – 16, 2002, Svratka, Czech Republic
Editors: Lubomír Houfek, Pavel Hlavoň, Petr Krejčí

Copyright © 2002 Institute of Mechanics of Solids, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Bruno University of Technology, Brno

ISBN 80-214-2109-6 (printed)
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Vibrations of rotor supported in magnetic bearings with impacts
Ladislav Půst, Jan Kozánek
pages 245 - +10p., full text

The impact motion of rigid rotor supported on passive magnetic bearings is studied. Impacts on passive magnetic bearings are investigated. Impacts occur in retainer bearing, which is usually a ball or roller bearings at magnetic supports. The forces arising during oblique impacts are modelled by dynamical Hertz's contact including material damping, Coulomb dry friction and by viscous damping proportional to the tangential velocity. The influences of various values of Hertz's stiffness, combined with three kinds of damping are studied by numerical simulation. The results are presented in the form of response curves and trajectories of motion in X, Y plane. Various kinds of impact motion - periodic, with single or multiple periods, quasi-periodic and chaotic oscillations were found. The frequency intervals and transitions between different kinds of motions were recorded.

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