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Proceedings Vol. 8 (2002)



May 13 – 16, 2002, Svratka, Czech Republic
Editors: Lubomír Houfek, Pavel Hlavoň, Petr Krejčí

Copyright © 2002 Institute of Mechanics of Solids, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Bruno University of Technology, Brno

ISBN 80-214-2109-6 (printed)
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Experimental mechanics of solids - today and future
Miloš Vlk, Miroslav Hrabovský, Stanislav Holý
pages 313 - +25p., full text

Having new, very powerful tool for stress analysis in form of modem simulation methods as FEM we are able to determine stress and strain state in the examind structures theoretically of any shape and under an arbitrary loading. In every schematization, joint with every transformation of the solved problem, there are hidden less or more latent possible variations from the reality and danger of getting defective results. Only experiment can approve reliability of the schematization. Recent requirements for higher quality, warranted life, lower mass of the structure together with the economic approach need guarranted solving process that can be assured only in cooperation of theoretical, numerical and experimental solution. The presented paper deals, besides the above mentioned problems, with experimental methods. High attention is given to strain gauge methods and optical ones. In the conclusion authors voice their opinion about future existence of experimental methods, but orientated to analyzing stresses of technologic origine and based on optical methods and thermodynamic ones.

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