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Proceedings Vol. 8 (2002)



May 13 – 16, 2002, Svratka, Czech Republic
Editors: Lubomír Houfek, Pavel Hlavoň, Petr Krejčí

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Kompenzace tepelných deformací obráběcího centra
Jaroslav Soldát
pages x6 - +6p., full text

This work aims to reduce the thermal errors of the machining centres by indirect compensation methods. Thermal effects can form more than 70% to the overall displacement error by using HSC technology. To compensate thermal expansion, exact measurements of machine thermal behaviour, as a function of temperature, are necessary. The thermal expansion of the axes is largely proportional to the temperature. The temperatures, measured by the Pt 100 thermistor, are saved in the PLC of machining centre. Thermo-elastic deformations are calculated from the representative temperature-measuring points in the machine tools structure. The number of measuring points is optimised. We can directly determine the amount of expansion by multiplying the temperature value by a certain factor. The calculated deflections are compensated by means of the CNC of machine tools. I apply two different methods to solution of deflection in the end point of the tool. My aim was to reduce thermal deflection by 3/4 and this aim has been reached.

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