Engineering Mechanics

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Proceedings Vol. 9 (2003)


May 11 – 15, 2003, Svratka, Czech Republic
Editors: Jiří Náprstek and Cyril Fischer

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ISBN 80-86246-18-3 (printed, Extended Abstracts)
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A mathematical model for centering the position of a rolled ring in the course of rolling the ring
Učeň O.
pages 354 - +5p., full text

The contribution deals with problems of the creation of a mathematical model for centring the position of a ring in the course of rolling the ring. Ring centring is ensured by means of lateral holding rollers the position of which must be controlled. If the position of the lateral holding rollers is not controlled, a ring of the elliptical shape is rolled, which has a negative impact on the resultant quality of the ring rolled. In the contribution two mathematical models, including the comparison of them are derived.

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