Engineering Mechanics

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Proceedings Vol. 12 (2006)


May 15 – 18, 2006, Svratka, Czech Republic
Editors: Jiří Náprstek and Cyril Fischer

Copyright © 2006 Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague

ISBN 80-86246-27-2 (printed, Extended Abstracts)
ISSN 1805-8248 (printed)
ISSN 1805-8256 (electronic)

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Along wind random vibrations of a slender structure --- modelling by concentrated masses
J. Náprstek, S. Pospíšil
pages 260 - +8p., full text

The paper presents an analytical-numerical solution to the along wind random response of slender structures to fluctuating stationary wind velocity component. The structure has been modelled using a linear system discretized by concentrated masses or by FEM, respectively. The system has been considered as self-adjoint and with strongly non-proportional viscose damping. As the random excitation of this linear system is gaussian and of additive type, also the response is gaussian and consequently mathematical mean value and correlation matrix are satisfactory for the full description of the generalized solution in the stochastic meaning. The solution itself has been obtained using the method of integral spectral decomposition. It has been shown that the general results can be obtained in the form of analytical formulae for many important cases of input spectral densities and consequently they can be incorporated into some existing FEM software systems.

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