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Proceedings Vol. 12 (2006)


May 15 – 18, 2006, Svratka, Czech Republic
Editors: Jiří Náprstek and Cyril Fischer

Copyright © 2006 Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague

ISBN 80-86246-27-2 (printed, Extended Abstracts)
ISSN 1805-8248 (printed)
ISSN 1805-8256 (electronic)

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The multibody simulation of dynamic effects in passenger car trailer
J. Blekta, J. Mevald
pages 28 - +6p., full text

The aim of this article is to refer to numerical problems during multibody simulations. In the first part of the article, there is a three-dimensional model of a car with trailer in the software MSC.ADAMS using module Car. The second part gives a two-dimensional model of towing bracket which is compered with the model in the first part. Force effects trasmitted by towing bracket while crossing known terrain obstacle are solved.

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