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Proceedings Vol. 12 (2006)


May 15 – 18, 2006, Svratka, Czech Republic
Editors: Jiří Náprstek and Cyril Fischer

Copyright © 2006 Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague

ISBN 80-86246-27-2 (printed, Extended Abstracts)
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ISSN 1805-8256 (electronic)

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Numerical analysis of a surface crack in protective layers
L. Šestáková, Z. Majer, L. Náhlík, Z. Knésl
pages 348 - +11p., full text

Two elastic plane strain problems relevant to the cracking of protective layers bonded to dissimilar semi-infinite substrate materials are solved. In the first case a crack initiated at the free surface of the layer and propagating within the film is considered and the influence of its original orientation on cracking mode of the layer is studied. The second problem is that of the crack in the layer oriented perpendicularly to the layer/substrate interface and its influence on a debonding of the layer/substrate system is analysed. In both cases the influence of elastic mismatch of both components on the crack behaviour is discussed. The results provide the details making it possible to solve practical problems connected with damage of bodies with protective layers.

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