Engineering Mechanics

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Proceedings Vol. 15 (2009)


May 11 – 14, 2009, Svratka, Czech Republic
Editors: Jiří Náprstek and Cyril Fischer

Copyright © 2009 Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, v.v.i., Prague

ISBN 978-80-86246-35-2 (printed, Extended Abstracts)
ISSN 1805-8248 (printed)
ISSN 1805-8256 (electronic)

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Two plates impact problem for testing accuracy and stability of finite element solutions to wave propagation
D. Gabriel, J. Plešek, R. Kolman, F. Valeš, M. Ulbin
pages 317 - 327, full text

Accuracy and stability of two-dimensional bilinear four-node and serendipity eight-node finite elements was tested in a wave propagation simulation. The influence of different parameters such as the element type and size, the value of mass lumping parameter, and time integration step was investigated. The outcome of the theoretical dispersion study was verified by numerical and analytical solutions to the longitudinal impact of two thick plates. ´

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