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May 10 – 13, 2010, Svratka, Czech Republic
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Cooling efficiency of flat jet nozzles versus full cone nozzles on working roll
Slabáková J., Pohanka M.
pages 135 - +11p., full text

The cooling intensity of working rolls is very important in industrial applications. The durability of these rolls largely depends on proper cooling. In the case that the working rolls are not covered with a significant water layer, cooling is more effective with full cone nozzles than with flat jet nozzles. This paper is focused on the measurements of the cooling intensity of three different types of nozzles performed on an experimental roll, which enables the thermal boundary conditions which occur on a real working roll to be measured. Two flat jet nozzles with different spray angles and the same flow rate, and one full cone nozzle with half flow rate for equal pressure were tested. The measurements showed that it is possible to achieve the same cooling intensities with half the amount of water.

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