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Proceedings Vol. 16 (2010)


May 10 – 13, 2010, Svratka, Czech Republic
Editors: Igor Zolotarev

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On behaviour of PVB solutions in electrospinning
Švrčinová P., Lubasová D., Filip P., Martinová M.
pages 149 - +4p., full text

This contribution aims at a determination of dependence of shear viscosity of polyvinylbuthyral (PVB) on the intensity of electric field to which PVB solutions are exposed. It was found that the viscosity ratio η/η0 (where η and η0 are the viscosities of a solution in presence and absence of electric field, respectively) depends on the polarity of solvent. This pre-determines the possibility of application of the individual solvents for the process of electrospinning.

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