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Proceedings Vol. 16 (2010)


May 10 – 13, 2010, Svratka, Czech Republic
Editors: Igor Zolotarev

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Finite element investigation of the elastic-plastic response underneath various indentors and its application in NI-based alloys indentation processes
Hrubý Z., Plešek J., Tin S.
pages 49 - +8p., full text

Stress and strain distribution underneath various types of indentors can be provided by the finite element method. In the presented paper, the indentation of isotropic aluminium is introduced as a benchmark problem, in which plasticity and contact algorithms are tested. The knowledge obtained in this way passes on to the real-life indentation processes involving orthotropic materials such as FCC metals (Ni-based alloys) in the context of nonlinear continuum and finite strain elastoplasticity, including homogenization approach on the material microscale.

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