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Proceedings Vol. 17 (2011)


May 9 – 12, 2011, Svratka, Czech Republic
Editors: Vladimír Fuis

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Řehák K., Florian Z., Marcián P., Valášek J., Krpalek D., Matug M.
pages 523 - 526, full text

This article deals with the stress analysis of the Burch-Schneider (BS) cage as applied to a hip joint. Due to the complex geometry of the solved problem, material properties and complex boundary condition, the finite element method was chosen. The solved system consists of the pelvic bone, a part of the os sacrum, a polyethylene cup and ceramic heads. In this work a poor-quality cancellous bone was given by the value of the modulus of elasticity is modelled. Furthermore, two model types are considered in this study – a model with degraded mechanical properties of the cancellous bone, which does not worsen due to stress, whereas the other model shows a case of bone necrosis due to stress. Load was applied to the ceramic head in the direction of the resultant butt force, which had been determined by the resultant forces. The analysis of the results indicates that in the model variant with the necrotic bone tissue of such an extent that was considered, damage may occur due to the cyclical loading. However, in the variant with degraded mechanical properties, which are not deteriorating due to stress anymore, the limit state does not occur.

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