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Proceedings Vol. 20 (2014)


May 12 – 15, 2014, Svratka, Czech Republic
Editors: Vladimír Fuis

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Mlkvik M., Zaremba M., Jedelský J., Wigley G.
pages 427 - 430, full text

The presented research is based on the application of optical diagnostics to determine the quality of a liquid fuel spray generated by a Y-type nozzle designed according to the works of Mullinger (1974) and Madsen (2006). Two non-intrusive optical measurement techniques were used to characterize the spray in terms of droplet velocity and size, PDA (Phase Doppler Anemometry), and flow structure, PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry). PDA measurements were made in the downstream region of the fully atomized spray, where uniform spherical droplets were expected. The velocity and drop size profiles were measured by PDA in a plane at a distance of 100 mm downstream from the nozzle. These velocity measurements were assumed as a reference for later comparison with the PIV flow measurements. The main application of the PIV technique was to determine the velocity field of the spray in the near nozzle region where the presence of the ligaments and large non-spherical droplets were expected. The simultaneous use of the two measurement techniques provides a more complete understanding of the fluid mechanic processes occurring in the spray. The spray quality produced by the nozzle design has been judged in terms of the Sauter mean droplet diameter and spray velocity profiles.

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