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May 12 – 15, 2014, Svratka, Czech Republic
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Nowogońska B.
pages 479 - 482, full text

The suitable repair forecasting is needed for proper maintenance of the buildings. The appropriate maintenance planning should be based on the prognostic analysis of the repair needs. However, in Poland, maintenance planning is currently not seen as a long-term system. Repairs are understood as extemporary works and are carried out exclusively on the basis of intermittent inspections and controls. One of the numerous factors determining maintenance planning is exploitation reliability conditioned by durability. This article presents a proposal to determine the prediction of operational reliability of the building constructed using traditional technology. The method of behaving and changing the reliability of the building throughout its use will be useful in planning renovations. The presented analysis includes apartment buildings erected in a traditional technology and regards them as technical objects. For such approached buildings it is proposed to apply rules applied for mechanical and electrical objects. The probability of the exploitation of a building without any breakdowns in a given period of time is defined as exploitation reliability.

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