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May 12 – 15, 2014, Svratka, Czech Republic
Editors: Vladimír Fuis

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Ansari M.R.I., Sahir M.H.
pages 48 - 51, full text

A unique and novel design of hydro power generation system is presented in this paper. Series of experiments were performed to determine whether power can be produced by utilizing the effect of gravitational pull, atmospheric pressure and the force of suction by allowing a certain quantity of water in a specific shaped tank to fall freely under gravity on a turbine runner to establish automatic suction due to partial vacuum created in the storage tank and weight off set. After carrying out a mathematical modeling, a physical model, was constructed to study various hydraulic effect. The actual model consisted of overhead water tank 8.5 meter high, 60000 liters capacity fitted with a Francis type turbine and an alternator. Penstock pipe of 300 mm diameter size was used to take water from overhead tank to the turbine. Two auxiliary pumps were used to prime the overhead water tank. The tank was provided with 20 suction tubes of 63.3 millimeter diameter size. This power plant was designed to generate 28.6 KW of hydro power on the principal of energy transformation utilizing force of gravity, atmospheric pressure and vacuum. Being the new concept the results obtained exhibited that experimental model required certain improvements to make it feasible with maximum efficiency which are discussed under heading of recommendations. The design concept presented in this paper is an original work in this field.

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