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May 11 – 14, 2015, Svratka, Czech Republic
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Fatigue Testing of Polymeric Hollow Fibre Heat Transfer Surfaces by Pulsating Pressure Loads
T. Brožová, T. Luks, I. Astrouski, M. Raudenský
pages 30 - 31, full text

This article deals with the fatigue tests of polymeric hollow fibre heat transfer surfaces. Hollow fibres have an outer diameter around 0.5-0.8 mm and thickness of the wall is 10 % of the outer diameter. These heat transfer surfaces made from plastics have some limitations but also a lot of benefits. One of the limitations is durability of plastic under fatigue loading. The heat transfer surfaces were subjected to pulsating pressure loads under different conditions (level of pressure, ambient temperature, number of cycles). Firstly, just the pulsating load was applied and the behaviour of hollow fibres was observed paying special attention to the presence of a leaking, rupture, etc. Then some other conditions of operations were added. The heat transfer surfaces were immersed in a hot bath and loaded by pulsating pressure and high temperature simultaneously. Testing under the different temperature is important because the temperature significantly affects the material properties. The presence of the leaking, rupture and other possible damage was monitored as for previous tests.

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