Engineering Mechanics

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Proceedings Vol. 26 (2020)


November 24 – 25, 2020, Brno, Czech Republic
Editors: Vladimír Fuis

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ISBN 978-80-214-5896-3 (printed)
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Vondra R., Rehak K., Prokop A.
pages 520 - 523, full text

This paper deals with the contact analysis study of crown gear couplings during the simulation of its working conditions. The toothed couplings are often used to transmit high torque in case when the input and output shafts are misaligned. With increasing transmitted torque and value of misalignment it is necessary to design the gear shape very carefully. It is not possible to completely reduce uneven running, even with knowledge of the latest trends in the field of gear development. Inefficient and costly experiments are often used to determine the correct shape of gear teeth. For this purpose, a computational approach to describe a contact pressure on the teeth of couplings at different misalignment and loads is proposed. The model helps to understand the composition of the contact pressure during the working mode of misalignment and its behavior within the rotation of the gear coupling.

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