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May 9 – 12, 2022, Milovy, Czech Republic
Editors: Cyril Fischer and Jiří Náprstek

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Numerical and experimental modal analysis of an induction electric motor
Ferfecki P., Molčan M., Nevřela M., Páleník R.
pages 101 - 104, full text

The presented work deals with the modal analysis of the components of the two-pole induction motor and its subassemblies. For the vibration study, it is challenging to build up the computational model of the assemblies of the electric motor magnetic circuits. The design uncertainties in the computational model are inherent; therefore, reasonable simplifications of the rotor and stator assemblies with the tuned and experimentally identified mechanical parameters are applied. The computational model of the induction motor for the modal analysis is developed using the finite element approach. The experimental and computational modal analyses are performed for the shaft, frame, shields, parts of terminal box, and assemblies of the winding, rotor and stator stack, frame with stator stack, terminal box, and the whole motor. The results show that the computed and measured modal parameters of components such as shaft, shields, and frame have almost the same mode shapes and natural frequencies.

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