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Evaluation of the effectiveness of methods for improving the mechanical properties of plastic products manufactured in the FDM technology — A mini review
Głowacki M., Mazurkiewicz A., Słomion M.
pages 125 - 128, full text

One of the rapidly developing technologies for the production of components and parts are rapid prototyping technologies. A large number of techniques exists, which use a large variety of materials depending on manufacturing characteristics. The post-process modification methods (modification of element after 3D printing) enable improving of the mechanical and surface properties. In the paper, the Fused Deposition Modeling technology is described, which is based on the production of models and components from thermoplastic polymers by depositing single fibers of half-melted plastic layer by layer. The paper describes experimental methods used for strengthening the internal and external structure of plastic, using both amorphous and semi-crystalline structures. The materials used for coating samples of polymeric materials that change the external structure (layer properties) are presented. The aim of the work is to show how the additional processing of samples and application of external coating affect the strength properties of materials. In this work, the obtained results are discussed and compared with samples that were not subjected to modification.

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