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May 9 – 12, 2022, Milovy, Czech Republic
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Aeroelastic instability of differently porous U-profiles in crosswind direction
Hračov S., Macháček M.
pages 153 - 156, full text

Flow-induced vibrations of the flexibly mounted slender U-shaped beams allowed to oscillate in the crosswind direction only are studied experimentally in the wind tunnel. All beams are characterized by a cross section having a side ratio of along-wind to across-wind dimension equal to two. The effects of two depths of U profiles and two porosities of their flanges ( 0 % and 75 %) onto a loss of aeroelastic stability are investigated under the smooth flow conditions and for low Scruton numbers. The results indicate almost similar proneness of the non-porous beams to galloping-type oscillations to a rectangular prism with the same side ratio regardless their depth. The onset of across-wind galloping occurred in these cases at wind velocity very close to von-Kármán-vortex-resonance flow speed, even though the critical velocity predicted by the quasisteady theory is much lower. For porous and shallower U profile this asynchronous quenching also takes place. However, the higher flange porosity reduces significantly not only the vortex-shedding effect, but also causes an increase in the onset galloping velocity above the critical speed determined for non-porous profiles. In the case of deeper U-shaped beam, the effect of higher porosity even suppresses the proneness to galloping.

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