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May 9 – 12, 2022, Milovy, Czech Republic
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Comparison between the current models of the theory of creep in the light of numerical results obtained by time history analysis of composite sections, using integral equation of Volterra
Kazakov K., Partov D., Stoyanov Ch.
pages 193 - 196, full text

The paper make attempt to give some answers about the differences between the current models of the theory of creep of concrete: Eurocode 2, ACI 209-R2 and Gardener&Lockman models, using the results obtained by time dependent analysis of composite steel-concrete beams. On the basis of the theory of the viscoelastic body of Arutyunian–Trost-Bažant for determining the redistribution of stresses in beam section between concrete plate and steel beam with respect to time "t", two independent Volterra integral equations of the second kind have been derived. Numerical method based on linear approximation of the singular kernel function in the integral equation is presented. The elastic modulus of concrete Ec(t) is assumed to be constant in time "t".

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