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Computational simulation of two-phase immiscible flow in horizontal pipeline
Lunda F., Fialová S., Pírková M.
pages 241 - 244, full text

A computational simulation of two phased immiscible flow in the horizontal pipeline is presented in this paper. This flow type is commonly found in several industrial applications, for example pipelines in a subsea oil production system, mixing microfluids and so on. The first part contains basic information about this phenomenon, where the origin of slug flow is described more specifically. The second part of this paper deals with numerical simulation of two-phase immiscible flow in the horizontal pipeline where wavy stratified flow was simulated. Boundary conditions were taken from experimental observations. This regime of flow is simulated in Ansys Fluent using the Volume of Fluid model (VOF) The article describes the procedure needed to successfully simulate the flow regime for two models (2D and 3D) from creating geometry and mesh to setting the correct boundary conditions in the computational software. As a results, two simulations were created, where both solutions were compared between each other and with the experimentally observed flow.

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