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Aerodynamic interference forces acting on two square prisms in a model atmospheric boundary layer
Macháček M., Lo Y. L., Máca J.
pages 245 - 248, full text

The presented experimental analysis focuses on the definition of interference factors for aerodynamic forces acting on two square prisms depending on their relative position. Both prisms used had the same dimensions and a height to width ratio of 6; this ratio is relatively common in high-rise buildings. The experiment was performed in a wind tunnel with a model atmospheric boundary layer, which represented a dense urban area. The forces acting at the base of one of the buildings were measured, and by moving the other building it was possible to measure 204 mutual configurations, i.e., 204 interference positions. In all positions, the windward facades of the small-area model were placed perpendicular to the direction of the incoming flow. This created a detailed map of the interference effect on a wind-loaded pair of buildings. The results show a significant effect of the relative position of buildings on wind loads. A significant increase in load occurred due to the proximity of buildings. Due to the interference effect, wind load fluctuations can increase by up to 28% and average values by up to 36%.

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