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Coefficient of subsoil reaction calibrated by PSO method
Marton M., Sokol M., Lamperová K.
pages 257 - 260, full text

The Particle Swarm Optimalization (PSO) method is used for calibration and verification of the FEM model of a bridge. The measured and numerically achieved values did not match well at the beginning. The question was how to identify crucial parameters which influence the results mostly. It was found that one of the most important parameters is the coefficient of subsoil reaction. Thus, two values Kx -in horizontal and Kz-in vertical direction were optimized using the PSO method. The PSO is an optimization method that uses swarm of particles as a problem-solving candidate. The localization of particles in the search space represents the configuration of all variables needed for solving the problem. The quality of the particle's position is evaluated by a cost function. As the particle moves in the search space, the values of the cost function change. The cost function usually compares a few eigen frequencies, modes of vibration, etc. In the paper, only the eigen frequencies were used. The method is general and can be used for calibration and verification many different parameters, such as coefficient of subsoil reaction, stiffness, or mass distribution.

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