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May 9 – 12, 2022, Milovy, Czech Republic
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Influence of manufacturing variations of protuberant teeth shapes on gearing stresses of high-speed gearboxes
Morávka Š., Študent J.
pages 261 - 264, full text

The paper describes the solution of a current problem related to the technology of production of gear for high-speed gearboxes. The aim is to establish a reliable basis and procedure for evaluating the influence of manufacturing variations in the shape of the heel of the protuberant teeth on the stress and load capacity of the gearing. The capabilities of the software used so far bring rather uncertainty. A number of challenging FEA stress calculations for different variations of tooth heel shape deviations that occur in practice have been solved. The effect of changing the mechanical properties of the material with the depth of grinding is discussed. The results will be used both in the design of gearing and as a basis for deciding how to handle parts with defects, whether to continue using them or to scrap them. This will help to increase the efficiency of production and the reliability of gearboxes.

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