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Numerical model of open Hopkinson pressure bar and its utilisation for inverse numerical analysis of closed-cell aluminium foam
Neuhäuserová M., Koudelka P., Fíla T.
pages 285 - 288, full text

Research into the mechanical behaviour of lattice structures and metal foams at high strain rates using experiments based on a direct impact Hopkinson bar (DIHB) method has been recently proposed to overcome several limitations of the conventional split Hopkinson pressure bar (SHPB). Especially, the socalled open Hopkinson pressure bar (OHPB), a modification of DIHB with strain measurement points on both bars, has been proved to be a suitable experimental technique for testing of materials with low mechanical impedance. However, experimental testing is usually limited in terms of resources and, hence, it is convenient to employ numerical methods to predict the results of experiments and, if necessary, adjust the parameters of the experimental procedure based on the preceding numerical analysis of the problem. Developing a numerical model of the whole experimental set-up is, thus, a key method to achieve a reliable analysis. In this paper, we present a numerical model of an OHPB apparatus and demonstrate its suitability for inverse numerical simulations of the closed-cell aluminium foam.

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