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May 9 – 12, 2022, Milovy, Czech Republic
Editors: Cyril Fischer and Jiří Náprstek

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Semi-probabilistic assessment of concrete bridge using polynomial chaos and Gram-Charlier expansions
Novák L., Novák D.
pages 289 - 292, full text

The paper presents an application of novel methodology for design and assessment of structures using semi-probabilistic approach. The significant limitation of existing semi-probabilistic methods is an assumption of Lognormal probability distribution of structural resistance described by the first two central statistical moments. In this study, we investigate the possibility of Gram-Charlier expansion described by the first four central moments, which are efficiently obtained directly from Polynomial Chaos Expansion. The proposed methodology is applied for determination of load-bearing capacity of existing structure – the post-tensioned concrete bridge. The obtained results show the importance of the higher statistical moments and their influence on design value of resistance.

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