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Ultrasonic methods for determining flow rate and velocity field
Barraclough V., Strob M.
pages 29 - 32, full text

Non-invasive flow measurement in fluid mechanics using an ultrasonic signal is successfully used in industry. The use of this method for measuring air pollution is not so widespread, which is detrimental in the field of regulation of air-conditioning equipment and the verification of their parameters. In these fields, its application would be widespread. This paper is dedicated to the theory and description of the development of an ultrasonic flow meter for measuring air flow. The physical principle of such a device consists in the interaction of the transmitted sound wave with the flow field, which causes the sound wave to deviate from its path and thus delay or accelerate the traveling signal. This time deviation is a quantity intended to be gained and the flow rate is then determined from it. Another area where the ultrasonic principle can be used is the complete reconstruction of the vector field. The principle of an ultrasonic tomograph for use in fluid mechanics is also known and described, but its implementation is a huge challenge; demands are placed mainly on the software part of the development.

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