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May 9 – 12, 2022, Milovy, Czech Republic
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Comparison of co-rotational and nonlinear finite element simulations with geometric nonlinearities
Páleník R., Molčan M., Poruba Z.
pages 301 - 304, full text

The co-rotational formulation offers a fast and numerically stable pseudolinear solution technique for structural problems with large displacements but small strains. The aim of this paper is to demonstrate capabilities of the implemented algorithm with the consistent element independent co-rotational formulation in a geometrically nonlinear static analysis. The co-rotational formulation incorporates linear finite elements into a co-rotating local frame following the rigid body motion of the element and the geometric nonlinearities are accounted for via the rotation of this local frame. With the use of a hexahedral element with linear shape functions, the main steps of the co-rotational and nonlinear algorithm are compared. Additionally, the extra shape functions may be easily added into the co-rotational element in order to avoid shear locking. Finally, the algorithms are numerically compared on a demonstration example of a cantilever solid block undergoing large displacements. The results of the co-rotational and nonlinear algorithm are almost the same.

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