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May 9 – 12, 2022, Milovy, Czech Republic
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Influence of thermo-mechanical deformation on the labyrinth seals efficiency
Pařez J., Čížek M., Vampola T.
pages 305 - 308, full text

This paper describes the influence of turbine engine operating conditions on the labyrinth seals and the related rotor and stator parts deformation. As the deformation due to centrifugal force and temperature field increases, the radial clearance between the stator and rotor decreases, and thus the operating conditions and efficiency of the entire turbine engine are changed. The paper presents a numerical calculation of the flow and a finite element calculation of the deformation in two operating modes, as well as the calculation model of labyrinth seals, which are often incorrectly used in research. Furthermore, the change of parameters depending on the number of labyrinth seal stages in the axial direction is studied. The result of the study is the dependence of efficiency on the size of the radial clearance and operating conditions.

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