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Sensitivity study of a bubble size on mass transfer in a CFD model of a bubble-column photobioreactor
Rebej M., Vondál J., Juřena T., Naď M., Jegla Z.
pages 329 - 332, full text

The paper deals with the flue gas as a potential nutrient source for microalgae cultivation in photobioreactors. In numerical analyses, the vertical tubular photobioreactor was aerated with an aeration gas modelled through different bubble sizes. This had yielded differences in mass transfer coefficients and interphase areas. The range of bubble diameters extended from -20 % to +20 % from the original bubble diameter 4.50 mm found in the experiment. The assessment of the time to reach the saturated state and the volumetric mass transfer rate did not reveal any discrepancies from analytical predictions. However, even the smallest bubbles did not follow the initial drop of CO2 volume fraction found in the experiments.

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