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Practical usability of fractional viscoelasticity for interlayer polymers
Schmidt J., Hálková B.
pages 345 - 348, full text

Fractional calculus seems to be highly academic and artificial tool, but the opposite is true. The fractional calculus, i.e. the theory of derivatives and integrals of non-integer order, is applicable for describing many phenomena like signal processing or diffusion problems. For our research the prominent utilization is the fractional viscoelasticity for modeling a laminated glass interlayers. This theory can effectively describe polymer behavior in short term, where standard generalized Maxwell model is accurate only if utilizing a large number of cells. It seems that this approach is much natural, but on the other hand it brings a non-integer derivative of the displacement field into the governing equations, which induce some difficulties in numerical time integration. This paper is the beginning of research of the applicability of fractional models to describe the behavior of the interlayer in laminated glass.

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