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May 9 – 12, 2022, Milovy, Czech Republic
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Analysis of multi constant current flowmeter heated elements
Sedláček J., Hurda L., Mráček J.
pages 357 - 360, full text

This paper deals with the initial analyses in the development of a new generation of Multi Constant Current Flowmeter. It is a specialized measuring instrument combining hot wire anemometers and tomographic evaluation of measured data. The meter is designed especially for the automotive industry for measuring directly on heat exchangers. The presented initial analyses focus on verifying the properties of the existing copper hot wire element and the possibility of replacing it with an element with better functional properties. Analyses include experimental parameter determination, Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations and calculations with use of criterion equation used in hot wire anemometers. The paper briefly presents the applied models and examples of calculated and measured results, which are discussed.

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