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May 9 – 12, 2022, Milovy, Czech Republic
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Volume analysis of cooling systems with synthetic jet actuator
Smyk E., Markowicz M., Szyca M.
pages 373 - 376, full text

Increasing demands on the power and efficiency of electronic devices mean that more and more efficient methods of active cooling are being sought. One of the active cooling methods is the synthetic jet. The investigations show that the synthetic jet provides higher heat transfer enhancement than a continuous jet. But, in the papers, the size of the cooling devices is usually omitted. In this paper, the size of the chosen synthetic jet cooling system was investigated and compared to the size of the fan-cooled heat sink and heat sink under natural convection. Additionally, a comparison of the performance of different cooling devices was made. Investigation showed that the size of synthetic jet actuator cooling devices used is much bigger than the size of the fan-cooled heat sink, and therefore the heat sink heat transfer rate per unit temperature difference and unit volume of the cooling device is even 12 times lower than in case of the fan-cooled heat sink. Design challenges of cooled devices, which use synthetic jet actuators were presented.

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