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May 9 – 12, 2022, Milovy, Czech Republic
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Effect of oscillating blade on tonal noise of blade cascade with five NACA 0010 profiles
Šnábl P., Pešek L., Radolf V., Antoš P., Procházka P., Prasad C. S.
pages 377 - 380, full text

The airfoil tonal noise is a well known phenomenon which appears on single airfoils in moderate Reynolds numbers at low angles of attack. It can appear on small aircrafts, fans, wind turbines etc. In this paper, it was observed on a blade cascade consisting of five NACA 0010 profiles placed in a closed rectangular channel with hard walls when for given conditions, i.e. flow velocity and angle of attack, the cascade tunes to one single frequency. During the middle blade oscillation, the single tone splits up to several tones with lower intensity modulated by the excitation frequency. Thus, the oscillation of one blade suppresses the tonal noise generation in the cascade.

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