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May 9 – 12, 2022, Milovy, Czech Republic
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Development of autonomous experimental setup to investigate directional distortional hardening under biaxial loading
Svárovský J., Parma S., Štefan J., Ciocanel C., Feigenbaum H. P., Marek R., Klepač V., Plešek J.
pages 393 - 396, full text

Experimental measurements focused on the evolution of yield surfaces during strain hardening are crucial for the development and validation of phenomenological models of directional distortional hardening. This paper presents a method for yield surface tracing using axial-torsional universal testing machine Instron 8852 controlled by in-house software developed in visual graphical environment Labview 2019. Four yield surfaces were traced on a single specimen to which different level of prestrain were applied. Each yield surface was traced with four repetitions. Obtained data shows high level consistency across repetitions a exhibits characteristic features of directional distortional hardening. Small deviation of initial yield surface from the von Mises model was observed.

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