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Control system architecture for novel experimental microalgae photobioreactor Simbios
Vechet S., Krejsa J., Chen K. S.
pages 401 - 404, full text

Photo-bioreactors for growing biomass based on various microalgae cultures gains interests nowadays due to have possible positive impact to society because of the potential to serve as an atmospheric carbon dioxide removal (CDR) device, produce food or fuel. We present an overall architecture of a control system designed with focus to keep the photo-bioreactor alive for long term continuous operation without any human supervision needed. To test overall control system stability we design a custom build spiral photo-bioreactor (PBR) with novel hyperbolic shaped illuminated part. The shape of the illuminated part was design with the goal to increase the ratio of spiral part to volume due to the fact that the light is crucial for microalgae to grow. The control system was created from scratch while adopting reliable IoT sensors combined with highly reliable custom build embedded control system including a cloud data processing and storage. As a result we have scalable and reliable solution which is suitable for photo-bioreactors of various shapes and sizes to operate in fully autonomous mode without any human supervision needed.

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