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May 9 – 12, 2022, Milovy, Czech Republic
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Sensitivity analysis of steel to timber joint exposed to fire
Cábová K., Vopatová K., Radchuk M.
pages 45 - 48, full text

The paper presents a part of research focused on a timber joint with an inserted steel plate under fire exposure. It brings results of an extensive sensitivity analysis which investigates the influence of various parameters on the heat transfer in the joint. Parameters chosen for the study include joint geometry, material properties, type and diameter of fasteners, thickness of the modification layer, and others. In order to study an effect of the parameters, several submodels are created in finite element model ANSYS. The results of the submodels are compared to the original model which is validated on experimental results. The analysis shows significant effect of several parameters on the heat transfer. The outputs of the analysis can be used for the joint design in order to increase fire resistance of the joint. For FE modelling of the joint authors also recommend timber properties which correlate well with a real behavior of the joint.

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