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May 9 – 12, 2022, Milovy, Czech Republic
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Iterative evaluation of trabecular bone anisotropic apparent mechanical properties
Cichański A., Nowicki K.
pages 69 - 72, full text

The trabecular bone, formed as a result of complex remodeling processes, is characterized not only by the heterogeneity of the mineral fraction distribution but also by its structure anisotropy. As a result of these processes, the mechanical properties of trabecular structures are also characterized by anisotropy. In the paper the orientation of the trabecular bone structure principal mechanical direction was iterative determined by univariate search method. Successive steps assumed the execution of mFE analyzes set for the iterated values of one of the angles defining the direction of the considerations. Constant angle of spatial orientation for volume of interest for each step of analysis was determined from results of previous step. Based on significant correlation between bones principal mechanical direction and principal structural direction accuracy of the numerically determined structure direction was evaluated by comparison apparent modulus characteristic for this direction with modulus referred to principal structural direction.

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