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May 9 – 12, 2022, Milovy, Czech Republic
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Wake behind a cylinder: An overview of spatio-temporal aspects
Uruba V.
pages 7 - 16, full text

A circular cylinder in crossflow is subjected to the overview study from the point of view spatial and temporal characteristics. It represents itself a typical engineering problem, appearing in practice frequently in various forms. In fluid mechanics, this case is considered to be a typical canonical case, with relatively simple and straightforward definition, but complex and dynamical flow topology. The typical dynamics is characterized by quasi-periodic behavior called von Kármán – Bénard vortex street with a typical frequency expressed in dimensionless number called Strouhal number. The wake flow structure is considered to be characterized by a single frequency and 2D topology, homogeneous along the cylinder axis, very often. The presented paper concentrates on differences between this commonly accepted model and physical reality. Both temporal and spatial aspects of the flow in the wake behind a cylinder are to be addressed. The turbulent subcritical wake characterized by Reynolds number about 5 thousand will be considered, as this situation is a typical case in mechanical engineering applications.

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