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May 9 – 12, 2022, Milovy, Czech Republic
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Effect of polymeric fillers on Poisson's function in additively manufactured auxetics
Doktor T., Fíla T., Zlámal P., Jiroušek O.
pages 85 - 88, full text

In this study, the relation between the presence of the filler in different types of open auxetic lattices and their Poisson's functions was investigated using optical strain measurement technique and Digital Image Correlation (DIC) algorithms.
Three different types of auxetics were manufactured using Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technique from 316L–040 stainless steel alloy: (i) 2D re-entrant, (ii) 3D re-entrant and (iii) 2D missing rib structure. All types of SLS printed auxetics were then divided into three different groups according to the presence of the filler: (a) unfilled and filled with (b) porous polyurethane foam and (c) ordnance gelatin. All groups of samples were tested in uniaxial compression mode under both quasi-static and high strain rates in the range of thousands strains per second using the Split Hopkinson pressure bar.
During the loading tests, the deforming structure was observed optically and from the captured image data, the in-plane displacements were calculated using DIC. Based on these displacements, Poisson's functions among the tested groups were compared.
The results show that in the case of both types of polymeric fillers, the auxetic behaviour is suppressed with increasing values of longitudinal strain.

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