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Research on splachnocranial injuries due to brachial violence
Eiba P., Frydrýšek K., Čepica D., Halo T., Handlos P., Timkovič J., Štembírek J., Stránský J., Pleva L., Havlíček M., Krpec P., Osemlak P., Sadílek M.
pages 89 - 92, full text

This contribution gives a basic information about the mechanical behaviour of the frontal part of the human skull, i.e., the splachnocranium, linked with an external loads and damages caused mainly via brachial violence. Practical focuses are mainly on orbita, os frontale and os zygomaticum. As a first approach, the brachial violence is simulated via quasi-static compression laboratory tests. Cadaveric skulls are attached in testing machine and loaded till fractures occurs. The main results are acquired external forces which caused fractures of splachnocrania. According to the results, there are quite high variabilities of the acquired external forces. The results can be applied mainly in forensic science, facial surgery and ophthalmology.

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