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May 9 – 11, 2023, Milovy, Czech Republic
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Probabilistic analysis of the building foundation plates considering the SSI effects
Králik J., Králik Jr. J.
pages 131 - 134, full text

This paper presents the results of the probabilistic and sensitivity analysis of the safety of the building foundation plate considering the variability of the soil stiffness, structure geometry, permanent and variable masses. The advantages and disadvantages of the deterministic and probabilistic analysis of the foundation plate resistance are discussed. The sensitivity analysis of the foundations to the variability of the soil properties provides the important information for designers. The affectivity of the probabilistic design methodology is presented on the example of building foundation plate with various structural system. The response surface method (RSM) for the analysis of the foundation plate reliability was used in program ANSYS. The probabilistic analysis gives us more complex information about the soil-foundation-structure interaction as the deterministic analysis.

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