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Proceedings Vol. 20 (2014)


May 12 – 15, 2014, Svratka, Czech Republic
Editors: Vladimír Fuis

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Čech V., Jedlicka L., Jevicky L.
pages 132 - 135, full text

The basis for the projectile trajectory analysis is the analysis of trajectories calculated for the standard conditions (Position, Material, and Weather). Trajectories calculated under the non-standard conditions are considered to be perturbed trajectories. The tools utilized for the analysis of perturbed trajectories are weighting factor functions (curves) – WFFs. The most important curves describe consequences of perturbation of meteorological conditions (WFF – wind, WFF – air density, WFF – virtual temperature, WFF – air pressure). The weighting factors (WFs) are calculated from the WFFs and obtained WFs are used for calculation of (meteorological) ballistic elements B (ballistic wind wB, density B, virtual temperature B, pressure pB). The tabular firing tables are prepared in such a way that the calculation of ballistic elementsB is required for the follow-up calculation. Ballistic elements B are presented in the ballistic meteorological messages. The basis for creation of STANAG 4061 in 1957 were chosen WFFs. The original materials are not available today and therefore the corresponding WFFs were reconstructed to create conditions for the accuracy analysis of procedures based on the use of STANAG 4061. The article shows results of reconstructions – corresponding WFFs. In detail the WFF-virtual temperature will be analyzed.

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