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May 9 – 12, 2022, Milovy, Czech Republic
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Assessment of amplitude factors of asymptotic expansion at crack tip in flexoelectric solid under mode I loadings
Profant T., Sládek J., Sládek V., Kotoul M.
pages 317 - 320, full text

The flexoelectric effect is the consequence of the coupling of the large strain gradients and the electric polarization in dielectric materials. The large strain gradients appear near the material defects, especially at the crack tips, where the flexoelectric effect redistributes the stress field and influences the crack behaviour and formation. The flexoelectricity is the size dependent material property, which must be included in the governing equilibrium equations. The consequence of this fact is the more complicated form of the asymptotic solution at the crack tip than the asymptotic solution in the classical elasticity. The asymptotic solution at the crack tip in flexoelectric material contains four amplitude factors in the case of the mode I loading conditions. It is purpose of this contribution to derive the expressions of these amplitude factors as the functions of the stress intensity factor KI . The matched asymptotic expansions method is used to assess the amplitude factors. The crack process zone characterized by the size material parameter ? is chosen as the boundary layer.

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